Wild immersion COMES TO FINLAND

I found Wild Immersion at the Cannes Film festival spring of 2018, where Wild Immersion launched their virtual reality films.

The nature experiences have been filmed for two years all over the world and I had a chance to adventure the most exciting moments in a short virtual reality experience.

I adventured into a rainforest and found myself sitting in a tree with a koala bear. He was looking at me with trusting eyes. A moment later I was deep sea diving. In real life I was safely seated on a chair but diving in the ocean I could look at the colourful fish beneath my feet and the sparkling surface ofthe ocean above my head.

I took the headset off and asked how I could become involved. I arranged to be in contact with the creator and visionary of Wild Immersion, Adrien Moisson. He sent me and email before I had even stepped back into reality. “It’s meant to be!” Adrien messaged and I knew he was right.

My dear friends from Helsinki School of Economics and family members joined the venture: my husband Jukka Lappi, my previous business partner Hannu Valojärvi, my mother Kirsti Sinclair, my sisters Joanna and Pamela Sinclair and my brother-in-law Christian Sinclair.

We produced a new virtual film in the autumn of 2018, together with Adrian Moisson. Parts of the film Borealis were filmed in Finland, such as the swans and squirrels in beautiful autumn foliage. We even had a bear come up to examine the camera, but our big furry friend decided to chew up our camera, so
we did not get the experience of being eaten by a bear on film. Most would say the scariest animal encounter in the virtual reality films is the tarantella spider.

New venues are opening rapidly, all around the world. In addition to virtual reserves, Wild Immersion is establishing real nature reserves.

Our own venue in Helsinki opened in March of 2019. We are directing funds in Finland towards establishing an arctic nature reserve.


Stephanie Sinclair Lappi,
Wild Immersion Finland