VR Experiences

VR films are shot with 360-degree ball cameras and watched on virtual reality headsets. Wearing the virtual reality headset, you might take and adventure flying with flamingos. Looking down you will see the treetops beneath you and if you turn your head you will see the other flamingos flying beside you. In addition to flying you can adventure diving with sea creatures, meet animals in the rainforests, or the arctic winter. The chairs turn full circle so look behind you – there might be an approaching tiger, or an octopus may be diving nearby.

Getting close to a wild animal in a virtual reality experiences feel almost like you had met the animal in its natural surroundings. Afterwards you may recollect the way the animal looked at you. Some say they noticed the scent of the animal or realised how the animal was feeling.

The virtual reality experiences are not nature documentaries. They are moments, gathered encounters with various animals in many different countries. You travel from place to place and you keep seeing new animals.

The Wild Immersion showrooms are an experience in themselves.

The Rainforest room feels refreshingly green due to the Naava greenwall with real plants. Artist Katariina Souri has created the amazingly colourful mural and animal paintings that bring the Rainforest to life. Sculptor Eliya Zweygberg has created the magnificent Black Rhino sculpture.

The Rainforest Room offers two alternating virtual reality experiences - you can adventure in the jungle or go deep sea diving.

The Arctic Taiga Room is a frosty wonderful. Artist Katariina Souri’s palette was inspired by a visit to the Arctic Ocean and watching Northern wildlife at dusk. Eliya Zweygberg has captured the wild nature of the Snowy Owl in a majestic sculpture soaring over the room.

The Arctic Taiga Room offers two alternating virtual reality experiences in which snow white animals greet you under the Northern Lights.


Virtual reality experiences are like driving on a mountain road. The sights are amazing, but it can make you feel nauseous if you suffer from severe motion sickness. You can take your headset off at any time, if you don’t feel well. The ticket price is non-refundable, so please adventure at your own discretion.