The Rainforest Terra experience has been filmed in the Amazonian jungle and theTanzanian savannahs.

Encounters in the Terra experience: African Lion, Banded Mongoose, Plains Zebra, Northern
Giraffe, African Savannah Elephant, Greater Flamingo, Chimpanzee, Bullet Ant, Jaguar, Salmon Pink Tarantula, Brown-throated Sloth, Indian Flying Fox, Giant Panda, Hanuman Langur, Water Monitor, Indian Cobra, Australian Sea Lion, Koala and Black Caiman


The Rainforest Aqua experience was filmed by deep sea divers.

Encounters in the Aqua experience: Spotted Moray, Dolphin, Short-tail Stingray, Green Turtle, Grey Reef Shark, Coral Reefs, Pelican, Common Octopus, Red Lionfish, Whale Shark and Sperm Whale.

”A virtual journey to the natural habitat of wild creatures is an amazing experience and really shows you how wonderful, beautiful and precious our Blue Planet is. After watching you feel like you want to help.”

Hannu Valojärvi,

Wild Immersion Finland