Adrien Moisson'S STORY

Wild Immersion is a virtual nature reserve that aims to save endangered animals.

Adrien Moisson studied to become a veterinarian doctor in France, but his career led him into the advertising world, where he took big brands to market and helped them fulfil their commercial goals.

The harmfu effects of consumerism and the price of commercial endeavours on our
environment made Adrien Moisson reflect on his purpose and he decided to take a
sabbatical. He spent a year questioning his mission and his life work’s meaning
to the world.

Moisson wanted to do something concrete to help endangered animals. During his year in seclusion
he came up with a plan that would combine Moisson’s skills as a photographer,
his talents as an influencer and his empathy for animal kind. Wild Immersion
was born.

Wild Immersion filmed endangered animals with virtual reality cameras on every
continent for over two years. Endorsed by the Jane Goodall Institute, Wild
Immersion helps save endangered animals. The ticket price includes a contribution
to the Jane Goodall Institute for nature conservation work. Wild Immersion also
raises funds to establish real nature conservation areas.