LIFE work of JAne goodall

Jane Goodall was born april 3rd, 1934 in london.

It all started with a monkey toy Jane received as a small child. Jubilee the monkey would lead the way to Jane Goodall’s life work. As a child Jane had a nature club and she always knew she wanted to travel to Africa.

Her first change to visit came when she was twenty-three and her family received an invitation from friends to travel to Kenya. Jane Goodall worked as a waiter for a year to earn the money to travel. If Africa she got to know an anthropologist named Louis Leakey, who helped her get a position studying chimpanzees in Tanzania.

To begin with the chimpanzees wouldn’t let her come near and would avoid her if she tried. Jane Goodall let the group get accustomed to her peaceful presence by coming to the same hilltop each morning, behaving in a friendly non-threatening away, offering bananas to any chimpanzee curious enough to come greet her.

Gradually, over two years of patient working, the animals started to trust her. Jane Goodall learned to communicate with the group. She became so familiar to the chimpanzees that one could find her sharing lunch with them, sitting up on a branch with her friends.

Goodall make a ground-breaking discovery while spending time in proximity with the chimpanzees. She found that they could build and use tools. This finding in1960 was a turn in the scientific community as until then humans had thought they were the only species capable of these skills.

Jane Goodall received a Ph.D. in ethology from Cambridge University in 1965 becoming only the eighth person in the university’s long history to do so without a previous baccalaureate degree.

She founded the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977 to help nature and endangered animals.

Kofi Annan invited Goodall to become a United Nations Ambassador for Peace in 2002. This year, after working for nature for 60 years, Dr Goodall has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

Adrien Moisson with Dr Jane Goodall working for the Wild Immersion endeavour in 2018.