VR films are shot with 360-degree ball cameras and watched on virtual reality headsets. Wearing the virtual reality headset, you might take and adventure flying with flamingos. Looking down you will see the treetops beneath you and if you turn your head you will see the other flamingos flying beside you. In addition to flying you can adventure diving in the sea, meet animals in the rainforests, or the arctic winter. The chairs turn full circle so look behind you – there might be an approaching tiger, or an octopus may be diving nearby.

Getting close to a wild animal in a virtual reality experiences feel almost like you had met the animal in its natural surroundings. Afterwards you may recollect the way the animal looked at you. Some say they noticed the scent of the animal or realised how the animal was feeling.


Alba Winter Wonderland

The world glistens with frost as snowflakes whirl by in this icy adventure. Arctic foxes play hide and seek, and your toughest challenge just may be not to start talking with them. But no need to be quiet in the gallery, school children on class trips have been our happiest visitors. It is also good to glance up, for the sky above blazes with stars and the aurora borealis. 

Alba was shot in Canada among other places. Encounters: Elk, North America Bison, Red Deer, Arctic Wolf, Moose,
Rocky Mountain Goat, Arctic Fox, Wolverine, Boreal Lynx, Northern Lights and Polar Bear.

Duration 9:18 minutes.


Borealis Northern Wildlife

In this experience you get to glide over vast forests in autumn colours. Landing among a herd of reindeers leads you to a Northern landscape where you can spend a moment with a Snowy Owl or fly over lakes with geese. Many of our visitors think the most thrilling experience is the moment when you get surrounded by wolves. 

Borealis was shot in Belgium, Iceland and Finland among other places. Encounters: Horse and foal, Red Squirrel, Plymouth Rock Chicken, Grey Wolf, Swan, Great Grey Owl, Canada Goose, Barnacle Goose, Ibex and Reindeer.

Duration 8:46 minutes.


Terra Wild Safari

The wild animals of the rain forests and savannah bid you welcome among them. A lion may give you a lick, a flock of flamingos take you on a flying expedition or Australian sea lions invite you to relax with them on the beach. 

Terra was filmed in the Amazonian jungle and theTanzanian savannahs. Encounters: African Lion, Banded Mongoose, Plains Zebra, Northern Giraffe, African Savannah Elephant, Greater Flamingo, Chimpanzee, Bullet Ant, Jaguar, Salmon Pink Tarantula, Brown-throated Sloth, Indian Flying Fox, Giant Panda, Hanuman Langur, Water Monitor, Indian Cobra, Australian Sea Lion, Koala and Black Caiman

Duration 13:19 minutes.


Aqua Magical Oceans

A serene and soothing aquatic adventure which begins on the shoreline with pelicans. Next you dive into the surfs of the ocean. The soundtrack for the film was composed with a meditation teacher. Colourful shoals of fish surround the explorer until it is time to meet the whale shark. The cachalot with her young dance among the undulating waves.

Encounters: Spotted Moray, Dolphin, Short-tail Stingray, Green Turtle, Grey Reef Shark, Coral Reefs, Pelican, Common Octopus, Red Lionfish, Whale Shark, Cachalot.

Duration 11:16 minutes.


NEW Mignon Baby Animals

The expedition starts with sea turtle hatchlings scurrying towards the sea. The journey continues with a swim along penguin chicks and a morning stretch with a pangopup. Inquisitive baby monkeys greet the traveler from under their mothers’ arms.

Encounters: Baby Rabbit, Fawn, Nestlings, Arctic Fox, Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, New Zealand Fur Seal, Penguins, Chimpanzees, Pangolin, Crab-eating Macaque, Koala, Black Caiman.

Duration 10:13 minutes.