ArCTIc taiga vr Experiences

Alba experience

The Arctic Taiga Alba experience has been filmed in Canada among other places.

Encounters in the Alba experience: Elk, North America Bison, Red Deer, Arctic Wolf, Moose,
Rocky Mountain Goat, Arctic Fox, Wolverine, Boreal Lynx, Northern Lights and Polar Bear.

Borealis experience

The Arctic Taiga Borealis experience has been filmed in Belgium, Iceland, and Finland among other places.

Encounters in the Borealis experience: Horse and foal, Red Squirrel, Plymouth Rock Chicken, Grey Wolf, Swan, Great Grey Owl, Canada Goose, Barnacle Goose, Ibex and Reindeer.

"There is magic to moments in nature. Watching a quiet lake in the evening mist. Walking in a deep forest, pausing to listen to the call of a crane. I am forever impressed by nature – be it familiar sights or the thrill of the new and the exotic.” Jukka Lappi, Wild Immersion Finland."

Jukka Lappi,
Wild Immersion Finland